About the Journal

About (FUUAST Journal of Biology)

  • FUUAST Journal of Biology (FJB) with (P-ISSN No. 2222-0356 & E-ISSN No. 2616-8758) is a peer reviewed journal that is publishes bi-annually. It is an open access journal that publishes authentic researches and article from multiple field of sciences including national and multinational researchers. FUUAST Journal of Biology is a recognized journal by Higher Education Commission.

Focus & Scope

  • This journal covers wide variety of topics from various field of Science. This research journal with multidisciplinary research content not only provides innovative research from the field of biological Science but it also includes some very valuable research from the field of chemistry. analytical, organic, physical, material, biochemistry and other natural sciences.

Patron: Patron is the chief seat of the entire formed body of FUUAST Journal of Biology, and the journal is published under his patronage and expert supervision. He permits various actions to be taken regarding the journal matters after scrutinizing everything confidently.

Editor in chief: He receives research papers, articles and reviews from the authors, develops correspondence withthem and assures that the received papers comply with the instructions to authorsgiven by patron in chiefof the journal.  Moreover, he forwards the research manuscripts to the editors for further processing.

Editors: Calls the meetings of the Editorial Board members periodically at least once in six months or in a year. He/ She understands, share and resolve the problems. An editor is also responsible to facilitate the publication of the journal by developing strong intellectual communication with the board members.

Managing Editors: They maintain all possible logistics and help needed for the journal successfully. They deal with printing and press and all relevant official matters.

Secretary: He/she carries out all official work, deals with financial matters of the journal and maintains the permanent office at Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology-Karachi Campus.

Associate Editors: The prior responsibility of associate editors is to stay in touch with editor in chief and other editors. For the sake of  fruitfulreview process the associate editors are also responsible for forwarding all received papers to relevant subject specialists. The team of associate editors is also responsible to maintain all records and develop their correspondence with all reviewers till the finalization of every issue of FUUAST JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY.

  • It is decided that membership of the journal and the society will be extended to national and international level.
  • For first two years no membership fee will be charged than it may be imposed by the committee in future.
  • Present committee decided that after every twoyear call of the election for editorial board will be given by the managing editors.
  • Only members will be allowed to participate in election.
  • National and overseas members can cast their vote by e-mail.

Members of Editorial Board: They are responsible to review the article and submit in time along with their comments to the Chief Editor.

1- Associates members

  • For this type of membership a graduate degree in any biological sciences is necessary.

Rights and Privileges 

  • To attend conferences, workshop, seminars, lectures and meeting of academics/research nature organized by the association. 
  • Receive publication of FUUAST Journal of Biology on discounted rates. 
  • Will be eligible for all offices. 
  • Vote at all general and extra-ordinary meetings. 

2- Student members. (Students of any discipline of Biological Sciences)

  • Student of any discipline of Biological Sciences. 
  • M.Phil and Ph.D. students will have same right and privileges of associate members. 
  • Receive publication of discounted rates. 
  • Will attend conference, workshop, seminar, lectures and all events organized by the association. 

3- Supporting members

  • All interested in Biological Sciences
  • Will be invited in all events organized by the association.
  • Will be eligible to cast their vote. 
  • Attend general body meeting.
  • Members of outside Karachi may cast their vote by e-mail.

Eligibility for membership to FUUAST Journal of Biology is subject to approval of application by Executive committee

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