• DILSHAD AHMED Sindh Environmental Protection Agency, Karachi, Pakistan
  • MOINUDDIN AHMED Department Of Earth And Environmental Systems, University Of Indiana, USA


Bloods plays a significant role in the physiology of human being. The change in blood count by any reason can affect the health and regular functions of the human. In this study three sites and three professionals i.e. traffic police, CNG workers, labors of fisheries have been selected according to low, medium and high lifestyle of the people and intensity of environment. The blood samples of different professionals and sex from selected localities were collected and a complete blood count (CBC) was performed. Similar trend of blood parameters in different selected areas were found abnormal whose values not only greatly vary from site to site but also within the site. A large number of residential as well as different occupational people belonging to different localities possess lower and higher value than the normal and average values of blood parameters. Out of 20 parameters, 17 parameters of the blood count show abnormality in results may be due to the different lifestyle, communities and environment of the people. It is shown that in females abnormalities in blood parameters were found more then male. A large number of people showed either lower or higher values than the normal limits due to poor hygiene and sanitation, pollution, unawareness in the field of health and environment, improper consumption of food and diet and dense population. Key words: Blood Parameters, Professionals, Ambient Air, Blood Count, Air Pollution, Abnormal