Instructions to Authors

                                                                   AUTHOR GUIDE LINE FOR RESEARCH ARTICLE

Instruction to Author

How to arrange the manuscript:-

  • All manuscript should be typed in English with single space alignment.
  • Wide margin should be left sideways. (2nd approx)
  • Paper size must be A4
  • Writing format should be Times New Roman along with font size 12.
  • All manuscript should be clearly stated along with subject to matter.
  • All manuscript must be properly checked by the submitting authority.
  • Referencing in text should be as follow (Brar, M. S., Nse khor, G. S. 1978)
  • Title of manuscript must be informative and linked to provided research work.
  • Mention the contribution of all stated author with in the manuscript.
  • Corresponding author detail including relevance to workplace and phone number should be mentioned clearly.
  • The sequence of manuscript should be as follows :-
  • Abstract with urdu translation
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Material and Methods
  • Tables & Figure
  • Result and Discussion (Formulae and equation)
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgment (if required)
  • References
  • Abstract should be of 250 words.
  • Five keywords must be provided within manuscript relevance to research work.


  • Introduction 

Introduction must have a proper literature review according to the context of presented research work.

  • Material & Method

All used chemical and other related material should be started clearly with in this section. The chemical name along with company statistic must be provided.

Methodology should state clearly the work done accordingly.

  • Tables & figures

Metric unit system is acceptable

Footnotes must be mentioned.

Separate tables and figures including graph must be provided

Blurred and inappropriate images of all instrumental analysis are not acceptable for publication.

  • Formulae and Equation

All mathematically equations must be typed by using equation editor on MS Word.

All formulae related to researches work must be cross checked before manuscript submission.

With tables and figure the formulae and equations must be indicated with specific numeric number.

17 Conclusion

All manuscript must be provided with a conclusion for the presented research. Word limit should not cross more than 250 words.

18 Acknowledgement

If presented research work is done with the help of any funding agency or university than the author is bound      to acknowledge the manuscript submitted with proper referencing.

19 References

         Psychological APA: American Association All references must be type clearly.

Book Reference

Alred, G. I., brusan, C. T. and Oliu, W. E (2009). The business written handbook Newyork, NY: st martins press.

Research paper style

Brar, M. S., Nsekhor, G. S (1978). Effect of Zinc and Copper Application on the yield and micronutiet content of weight (Triticum Aestivum L). J. Ind. Soc. Soil. Sci. (26) 84-86.

                                                               AUTHOR GUIDE LINE FOR REVIEW ARTICLE

  • Title

Title should be informative and concise.

  • Abstract (Either : The review is descriptive or narrative)

It should inform about the main objectives and results of the review articles either descriptive or narrative review that covers the description of subject. Description review should contain two or one sentence describe objectives, material and method, result and conclusion (200 to 250 words maximum).

  • Introduction

Provides information about following context.

  1. Subject background : The general topic , issue, or area of concern. Illustrated.
  2. Problem : Trend, new prospective gap, conflicts or single problem highlighted.
  • Justification : The author needs to provide reason for reviewing the literature.


  • Material and Method

Includes information about applied methods regarding data source e.g. bibliographic data bases, search terms and search strategies, No. of studies included, statistical method applied.

  • Main part of review article

A coherent structuring of the topic include

  • Methodological approaches.
  • Models or theories
  • Studies that agree with another vs studies that disagree.
  • Chronological order
  • Geographical location
  • Different studies compared and discussed.


  • Conclusion               

Answer the research question

Implication of the findings.

Interpretation by the authors. (factual information)

Identification of unresolved question

  • Acknowledgement

Expresses gratitude to funding agency/organization